What if you didn’t run? This one time. What if you stayed, and let love overtake you? Josh Bennett (via wordsthat-speak)

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Stonewall was colored folks, poor folks, transsexuals, femmes, butches… a little bit of everybody. But the narrative that gets sold to people is that it was all these ‘A-Gay’ white normative people. That’s not who riots. Sorry.

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"that’s not who riots".

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THATS NOT WHO RIOTS!! so perfect

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sure everyone says theyre excited about ‘spirit week’ but the minute i awaken a few ancient spirits and raise the dead suddenly im a ‘witch’ and ‘ruining homecoming’

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I wish I could write. I get these ideas but I never seem to be able to put them in words. F. Scott Fitzgerald  (via pearleyednomad)

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Raddest Looks On The Internet http://www.raddestlooks.net

“Me di cuenta demasiado tarde de que la parte más maravillosa de mi vida había sido mi amor por frida”
Diego Rivera
By Martha Machado Ducoing

Fashion Industry and Friends 
Remember Oscar de la Renta
Photo by Miles Ladin
"I have lost not just an amazing colleague but a dear friend. We were born the same year, started to work at the same time, and shared the love for beauty and femininity.” —Valentino

Fue el Estado 43 Ayotzinapa / Mariana Favela

Ira in vintage Dior
Hannah Sider © 
Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. Oscar de la Renta (via l1ttlebulldozer)

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